Golden Concert Choir

Golden Concert Choir is an adult community choir with 40-60 members. We offer people who love music an opportunity to sing and improve their vocal skills in an encouraging and friendly environment.  Special arrangements are available in case of financial or physical need.

The Artistic Director and Conductor is David Bell.

Information and registration form

Golden Concert Choir December 2011


We will be singing some great Christmas music on a program titled “Christmas with a French Flavor.” The program includes:

– The Shepherds’ Farewell to the Holy Family by Berlioz (a beautiful and lyric work, in English),

Ô Nuit by Rameau (in French, but it’s short!),

– Christmas…in about Three Minutes (whch isn’t French, but is a light and fun arrangement of no less than 23 carols),

– and the main work, Christmas Oratorio by Saint-Saëns (in English).

The Christmas concert will be on Saturday, Dec 1, at 7:30pm, at the First United Methodist Church, 1500 Ford St, Golden.

Singer Information

Who May Sing:

We accept singers as young as 7th grade. There is open enrollment for all vocal parts at the start of each term (September and January) during which time newcomers are welcome to join the choir. If you would like to join us for our next term, please contact us or fill out and mail the Registration Form


While there are no formal auditions for the Golden Concert Choir, members do need to be able to match pitch to the piano. At the start of each term, there are 30 minutes prior to each of the first two practices available for members to arrive, register, meet the director, match pitch and be assigned to a section.

Rehearsal Location:

Click HERE for a map of rehearsal location, First United Methodist Church, 1500 Ford St, Golden. For further information, please contact us.

Rehearsals for Next Term Start:

Monday September 10, 2012. New singers please arrive at 6:30pm.

Rehearsal Time:

Mondays through December, 7:00pm to 9:00pm (please arrive early)

What to bring:

A pencil, your voice and enthusiasm!

What to expect:

At the first rehearsal, please come 30 minutes early for registration, to meet the conductor and match pitch to the piano (no auditions). You will be placed in a section and introduced to your section organizer. Your section organizer can assist you with questions before and after rehearsals. Singers are responsible for learning their parts; there will be occasional “sectionals” outside of regular hours to help with learning notes, for those who can attend.

What to wear:

Regular rehearsals and “dress” rehearsals:

Please dress comfortably. We especially recommend comfortable shoes. While we get the opportunity to sit during most of the rehearsal time, we will be standing as well.

For the Concert:


Wear all black concert attire. Please wear floor length dresses, skirts or pants and conservative long-sleeved black tops. Shoes also need to be black with black stockings.


Wear black suits. Please wear a white dress shirt (no ruffles) with a black bow-tie and black socks and shoes.

Concert Choir Procedures Flyer:

Choir procedures and Section Organizers contact information are listed in Concert Choir Procedures.

The Golden Community Choirs is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and your dues for the season may be tax deductible, so check with your accountant.

We try to keep our season dues low so that as many people as possible can enjoy singing. To accomplish this, we request that you volunteer your time or skills to our organization to help everything run well.

Please visit our Volunteers page for more information on ways that you can assist us. Volunteering is not a requirement for membership but is encouraged.

If you enjoy singing but aren’t able to pay the full amount of the dues, we can make arrangements with you. Please contact the Treasurer, Linda Driggers, at for more information.